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Quantum simulation architectures in HPC systems

Quantum IA for scientific and industrial applications

Quantum AI for noise characterisation of quantum computers

Quantum-inspired machine learning algorithms and their applications in privacy

Quantum Markov chain algorithms

Computational complexity analysis of quantum algorithms and AI to analyse quantum processess

Optimisation with quantum annealing algorithms (“quantum annealing”)

AI and quantum machine learning techniques for quantum process identification

Quantum and quantum-inspired algorithms for complex mathematical problems

Development of algorithms and control technology for quantum simulators

“Quantum reservoir computing” for Machine Learning

Analogue-digital quantum computing

Quantum, variational and adiabatic genetic algorithms and their applications

Quantum generative and classification models applied to particle physics and medicine

Quantum Error Correction and Artificial Intelligence algorithms

Quantum neural networks and their applications to quantum process learning

Applications of quantum AI to quantum chemistry, materials science and finance

Development and certification of quantum algorithms in hardware NISQ

Development of software to control quantum simulators for quantum machine learning

Detailed study of quantum architectures and their software and hardware challenges