Applications of quantum AI to quantum chemistry, materials science and finance

Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC)

Group Description:

The scientific activity of the DIPC includes a research line focused on the development of new quantum algorithms with applications in the fields of quantum chemistry, materials science, and finance, as these are among its main research lines, also framed as strategic for the coming years. This institution has many researchers specialized in nanomaterials, topological phases of matter, and other important properties of new materials.

The team is composed of Maia García Vergniory (principal investigator), Román Orús, and Aitzol García Etxarri.

Activity description:

In this activity, various applications of quantum computing and artificial intelligence will be developed.

  • Development of neuromorphic quantum algorithms and their application to NISQ devices.ç
  • Creation of quantum machine learning algorithms for the control of topological systems.
  • Study of spin molecular structures for their application in new quantum AI algorithms.
  • Study of correlations in quantum simulators.
  • Quantum simulation on NISQ devices of condensed matter systems.
  • Development of quantum AI algorithms for chemistry.
  • Study of new graphene-based platforms for quantum simulation and computing.
  • Study of real-world applications of the mentioned quantum algorithms in finance, mobility, energy, manufacturing, among others.


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