Quantum AI for scientific and industrial applications


Group Description:

The group is made up of the following staff researchers: David Íñiguez Dieste, Alfonso Tarancón Lafita, Manuel Asorey Carballeira, Fernando Falceto Blecua, Jose Garcia Esteve, David Zueco Lainez and other scientific collaborators: Yisely Martinez Perez, Fernando Ezquerro Sastre.

QUANTIA explores real applications of quantum technologies. Our mission is to bring quantum energy closer to Spanish industry. To do this, we research and develop algorithms to solve various problems such as material and chemical compound simulators, optimization, recommendation or classification.

Activity description:

The QUANTIA group of Universidad de Zaragoza is exploring applications of quantum optimization in contexts, both of commercial and scientific interests. For such goals it carries out comparative studies of quantum algorithms of optimization (variational algorithms NISQ, quantum annealers, and qudit type molecular processors) for posterior implementation in model problems like portfolios optimisation. We also analyse non-supervised quantum machine learning algorithms, both of clustering and recommendation, acting on classic data, and quantum algorithms for the classification of quantum states of matter.


S.; Sancho-Lorente Roca-Jerat, T. ; Román-Roche

Circuit Complexity through phase transitions: consequences in quantum state preparation pre-print


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