Detailed study of quantum architectures and their software and hardware challenges

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Group Description:

The quantum computing group at the Polytechnic University of Valencia is led by researcher Carmen G. Almudéver. Their research focuses on various aspects of quantum computing, including compilers and quantum programming languages, mapping of quantum algorithms, architecture and comparative evaluation of quantum computers, quantum error correction, and fault-tolerant quantum computing.

Activity description:

This activity aims to provide comprehensive architectural solutions that enable quantum algorithms to be executed as reliably as possible on current quantum processors and those to be developed in the coming years.

Special emphasis will be placed on quantum machine learning algorithms, whose primary bottlenecks stem from their implementation on real quantum systems. To achieve this, the following tasks will be undertaken:

  1. Characterization and taxonomy of algorithms to be executed on intermediate-scale quantum processors.
  2. Development of architectural solutions that will not only consider the limitations of quantum hardware in a bottom-up approach but will also take into account applications or algorithms to be executed in the form of software solutions that are algorithm-driven.


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