Development and certification of quantum algorithms in hardware NISQ

Institut de Ciències Fotóniques (ICFO)

Group Description:

ICFO encompasses numerous research groups, both experimental and theoretical, with expertise in quantum computing and simulation. Specifically, the quantum information, ultracold atoms, and quantum optics groups have been dedicated for years to the development of quantum simulators and algorithms capable of studying the most fundamental properties of matter. They also have experience in utilizing machine learning techniques for these purposes. Some examples of their recent works include Nature 608, 293-297 (2022), on experimental quantum simulation, Nature 600 (7890), 625-629 (2018), addressing fundamental questions in quantum mechanics, or the soon-to-be-published book “Modern applications of machine learning in quantum sciences.”

Activity description:

This activity will focus on the study of quantum algorithms and quantum-inspired approaches for solving optimization, simulation, and artificial intelligence problems. It will also explore methods for certifying the obtained results and, more generally, the performance of quantum computers.


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