Computational complexity analysis of quantum algorithms and AI to analyse quantum processes

Quantum Science and Technology @UB/ICCUB

Group description:

The University of Barcelona has a strong scientific interest in this project. The questions addressed align with the themes of interest in the Department of Quantum Physics and Astrophysics (FQA) and the Institute of Cosmos Sciences (ICCUB) of the Faculty of Physics at the University of Barcelona. In fact, the Institute of Cosmos Sciences, a Maria de Maeztu centre, has identified quantum technologies as one of its 6 priority research lines.

The group has two main lines of research. The first, led by Bruno Julia Diaz, focuses on many-body quantum physics with applications in quantum simulation, ultra-cold gas physics, and, more recently, quantum communications. The second, led by Dr Sofyan Iblisdir, centres on quantum information theory with applications to simulation methods and fundamental physics.

Activity description:

The utility of quantum computers in complex problems of theoretical physics will be studied, particularly in the examination of quantum field theories:

  1. Analyze proposals for simulating field theories using quantum computers.
  2. Study the relationship between the simulation of these theories and classes of computational complexity to determine the “hardness” of the problem.
  3. Explore the application of quantum or classical artificial intelligence techniques to analyze experimental data describable by these quantum theories.