Published On: October 11, 2023

The national project of quantum computing, Quantum Spain, has agreed a new collaboration with PYSQT (PhD Students and Young Scientists in Quantum Technologies), a network of PhD students and young scientists dedicated to the exchange and dissemination of knowledge in the field of quantum technologies.

The main objective of this collaboration is to foster research and promote the work of young researchers in quantum computing, including those who participate in the Quantum Spain project, through the organization of seminars both online and in-person. These events will provide participants with an invaluable platform to present their projects, share discoveries, and establish meaningful connections with other researchers.

“The main goal of the Quantum Spain project is to build and foster a solid ecosystem of quantum computing. To do this, it is essential to give the deserved visibility to the young researchers of our country and contribute to the new generations of scientists taking advantage of the whole ecosystem that we are building. The activities that we organize with PYSQT will also be an excellent opportunity for the members of Quantum Spain to present their work, but also to establish a dialogue with the scientific community interested in this field”, says Alba Cervera, coordinator of Quantum Spain.

From the PYSQT network, they state that “In Spain, there is a community of young researchers in quantum technologies who are becoming experts in their field of research, but who still do not know the activity that takes place in other centers in the country. The PYSQT network aims to offer an environment where these young people have the opportunity to learn about research in this topic beyond their field of research, as well as to foster a sociable and comfortable atmosphere of discussion where they can present and comment on research papers. Quantum computing is one of the pillars of these technologies, and we hope that our collaboration with Quantum Spain will serve to make visible the results of its youngest members within the ecosystem of quantum technologies”.

The seminars that will take place from this collaboration will be open to all public interested in quantum computing. The details about the dates, speakers and topics will be announced soon on the web pages and social networks of Quantum Spain and PYSQT.

If you want to present your work in a PYSQT-Quantum Spain seminar, please fill out the following form.





PYSQT (PhD Students and Young Scientists in Quantum Technologies Network) is an initiative aimed at promoting the interaction between young researchers from Spain or working in Spanish institutions through online and in-person activities. In these events, young scientists get to discuss in a friendly environment and learn about research in quantum science and technologies outside their own field, gaining knowledge useful for novel researchers.