Be part of the future of quantum computing in Spain

The search and development of quantum talent

We train the next generation of experts

Human capital is one of the fundamental pieces of any technological development. That is why we collaborate with the TalentQ programme.

TalentQ seeks to promote the search for and training of Spanish quantum talent by organising online and face-to-face courses, quantum programming marathons, among many other activities. In addition to this, TalentQ aims to promote local initiatives and groups in quantum computing,

Likewise, an online platform will be created to manage not only the activities, but also the educational digital content. Among these are tutorials, explanatory videos, codes, etc. Finally, and effort will be made to maintain a connection with the changing news in the field, with interviews, articles, activity in social networks, etc.

The TalenQ initiative will be coordinated by the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), an institution recognised for its experience in the field of quantum computing and, specifically, in research and education.

The TalentQ website is currently under construction. Soon you will be able to find its link on this page.