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Human capital is one of the fundamental pieces of any technological development.

The TalentQ program will promote the search and training of Spanish quantum talent through the organisation of online and face-to-face courses , quantum hackathons , promotion of local initiatives and groups in quantum computing, among many other activities.

Below you can find details of upcoming events and content of activities that have already taken place.


Content will be available soon.

Quantum Spain Seminar: Exploring applications of variational quantum algorithms in linear algebra
Speaker: Carlos Bravo, postdoctoral researcher in Jens Eisert’s group at the Freie Universität Berlin.
Date: 10/03/2023
Language: English

Quantum Spain Seminar: Quantum machine learning algorithms and its implementation in molecular qudits
Speaker: Sebastián Roca-Jerat,  Researcher at INMA – CSIC – Universidad de Zaragoza
Date: 25/01/2023
Language: English

Quantum Spain Seminar: Architecting full stack quantum computing systems in the NISQ era and beyond
Speaker: Carmen G. Almudever, Distinguished Researcher at Technical University of Valencia.
Date: 18/11/2022
Language: English

Quantum Spain Seminar: Beyond-classical computation from a computer science perspective
Speaker: Sergio Boixo, Chief Scientist Quantum Computer Theory for Google’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab
Date: 20/06/2022
Lenguage: English

Upcoming events

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